Why What
Today: The need of energy partly is, but for sure will be one of the biggest challenges in the future. The natural recourses are expensive; the pollution of the environment grows without stop; the consequences are not foreseeable in detail; but from the governments point of view exclusively negative for the ecology, healthiness and therefore inexorable for the economy. Given situation
• Infrastructure
• Locations
• Geo-strategically parameters
• Involved Parties
Tomorrow: The possibilities to stop the negative-screw are present. A team will work on the production of the energy from waste what will solve actual and long-dated consequences, what will work-out urgent measures and substantial long-term effects. Waste
• Implementation of the given facts
• New structure and new production
The Energy-Production is the source-key of all actions and expenses. No other parameter can create bigger effects. The target must be to “install” the waste-to-energy-production to an efficient and a clean industry-project. The focus is clear concentrated to produce waste-to-clean-energy, either to an energy-fuel (pellet) or to the energy itself (electr. + therm). Important guideline beside the unfettered and unconditional ecology……. -shall be the preservation of the given infrastructure -shall be the unprecedented very high-efficiency Energy
• Energy for population
• Energy for Industry
• Energy for export