The Plant to produce Energy
Installation of a Waste Processing Plant for manufacturing solid fuel and downstream energy extraction. The technology processes every kind of waste (domestic and commercial), metal material is sorted out and processed separately to create added value. Also complete landfills, sewage sludge, refinery-residues, old car-tyres and arbitrary plastics etc. can be converted into energy. Final product´s are hard-pellets with a fuel value of lignite and unlimited durability. Possibly contained hazardous substances are bounded crystalline (not leachable). From the pellets, a combined heat and power plant (CHP) is able to generate electric and thermal energy without verifiable toxic-emissions. Pelletizing in Detail: After removal of the non-useful components, the unsorted waste is crushed in an impact mill. The remaining material is then being dried. The dried material is mixed (cultivated) with the necessary additives (carbon, lime, fillers and catalysts) in a rotary drum. The exact automatically dosing of the additives guarantees the complete crystalline bounding of pollutants during the following pelletizing process and ensures that the heating value (energy-content) is of constant quality. The pellets (hard-pellets) are stable and storable without any ecological problems. The WP Technology is ■efficient recovery of waste material and no expenses for disposal, landfill etc., ■possible toxic-emissions are avoided due to the crystalline bounding of the pollutants, ■high efficient and eco-friendly power generation, ■high availability thanks to minimising the number of rotating and flexible plant components, ■clearly structured and robust controlled engineering, ■tried and tested and high-quality machine engineering, ■simple handling and extreme operational ease.
Some benefits
  • Very low operating costs

  • Constant supply of energy

  • No landfills

  • Excellent energy recovery

  • Decentralisation if required

  • Uniquely high level of efficiency

  • Massive resource savings

  • Extreme product diversity