All our plant engineering work is carried out with reputed international partners. Each project is handed over to the customer as a turnkey operational plant. Our supplier acts as the general contractor for the customer to ensure that the customer has unlimited access to global potential and networks.

In the preliminary planning phase, ALENGO identifies and documents all details and all peripheral necessities that are required for bank compliance, for the general contractor, to operate the plant, for insurance policies and for the approval authorities. All participating companies, banks and authorities are involved in this process.

Of course, we and our global suppliers (general contractors) will put together an individual package for each customer with respect to contract security, delivery guarantee including any necessary bank sureties etc. This package is individually adjusted to the customers’ needs and situation, thereby ensuring maximum security by the general contractor and/or the bank.

At the customer’s request, an internationally experienced and reputed company that is recognised by the banking sector is also provided for professional and smooth operation of the plant.